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Why should you join the East Village Writers?

A great question! What better way for you to grow in your writing than sharing your work with like-minded individuals who will provide you with thoughtful feedback?

How much is membership?

The annual fee is $35.00, running from January 15th to December 15th. The membership is NOT pro-rated based on when you join.

Will you edit my work?

We will not edit your work. However, your story or poem that you submit to our annual anthology will be processed through 20 criteria and if it reaches 75% or above 17 number of the criteria, we will publish it.

When do we meet?

We have online meetings via SKYPE each month and use an electronic round robin method for sharing our stories/poems amongst members.

Requests for stories/poems go out on the first Tuesday of the month and are due back by the second Tuesday of the month. These electronic stories/poems will be reviewed by the members and all critiques are to be completed by the fourth Tuesday of the month, and shared with our membership during our online meeting.

PS – as things relax we may occasionally have a coffee meetups to chat and share our individual progress.

How do books get published?

We publish our book in paperback format, large print format, e-books, audiobooks, and CDs.

Do you create books illustration books or photo books?

No. We only publish an annual anthology of stories and poems from our members.

Can I sell my book on your website?

Excellent question. We will more than happy to add a link to your member profile that will go to Amazon, Booktopia, etc or to your own website. Just let us know and provide us with the link and image of your book.

What are your COVID-19 Guidelines?

We are currently doing online meetings via SKYPE and the occasional coffee meetups at a local café, and we follow whatever current COVID-19 guidelines are in place.

If you are ready to join click on the above buttons to download our Membership Application and our Guidelines for Publication and our Mission Statement.

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